Be ready for ISO 9001:2015

Design your organization’s process flows around the people that work with them. 
Make "risk-based thinking" easier with a platform that your colleagues
will actually like to work with

Easier access

Invite your co-workers and turn process documentation into relevant guides for work that can be used by everyone everywhere.

easier work instructions

Easier work instructions

Drag and drop interface to map your processes and show who does what. Invite colleagues to add systems, templates and files and make your process documentation useful.

Improve every day 

Add comments, ideas and issues in context and when work happens. This gives you something to talk about at audits and in improvement workshops. 

improve every day

Used by more than 213 businesses world wide

Søren Lund

"Our 30 employees and 30 processes now meet on Gluu's platform."

Olivier Poivey

"...Our employees can make their own work instructions."

Karin F. Abel

"This new way forward will help change behaviors among our people in 50 Countries."

Anne Mette McAloone

"Gluu's platform makes knowledge transfer between our sites easier."

Anne Mette McAlooneProject Manager, Novo Nordisk
Jim R. Winther

"Gluu is great for getting top management and process owners involved in quality management."

Gwen Meyer

"I see a huge market here for this tool and so will be looking at it for some more of my clients in time."

Marianne Mølgaard

"Everyone is excited about this engaging and collaborative approach."

Mikkel Makne

"Of all the BPM solutions I know Gluu is by far the most easy to use and start."

Thomas Riisager

"With Gluu I have finally found a simple, basic combination of lean management, process mapping and communications. It's so simple to use and implement. "

Thomas RiisagerFounder & CEO, Dcide
Sascha Skydsgaard

"We're now transferring our process documentation from SharePoint, Word and Visio to Gluu. Gluu is much simpler to use, more visual and process documentation is much simpler to maintain."

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