the story behind gluu

Gluu has been created to ‘glue’ work that is broken – by people that have felt the pain from inside real companies, like yours. We believe that ‘Standard work’ only succeeds if we…

Make it easier to work the right way, than the wrong way.

Here’s our story…

Back in 2005 Gluu’s founder and CEO, Søren Pommer, was responsible for Philips’ global digital projects from its Amsterdam HQ. To raise the digital maturity of the company a global network of ‘Country Internet Managers’ was approved by the company’s Board of Management. Søren led the effort to define organizational roles, KPIs, supporting processes, and systems. It was about hiring the right people and then establish a common way of working so that they could exchange best practices across countries. The approach was highly successful and nominated with two internal awards.

After this Søren went back to Copenhagen to become the COO of a digital agency. With about 50 employees and ambitious growth plans it was Søren’s job to streamline operations and make the agency scalable. This required common ways of working and an ERP system. However, he soon realized that creative agencies and business processes mix like oil and water. So during these months, Søren started to have doubts about some of the work he and his team did back in Philips:

“If a process has 15 activities and only 5 of these connect to IT systems then how can we know that it is executed? It could be that some employees don’t understand, or agree with, the process and only ‘check boxes’ to make bosses happy?”

He realized that the normal way of large, systems-driven and top-down process governance implementations was broken. To succeed with winning the hearts and minds of the people that actually do the work a new way forward was badly needed. It should…

  • involve the people that knew best
  • ensure that work instructions were updated continuously to reflect their actual, practical learning
  • increase clarity and transparency of how work flowed across silos
  • save time and make work easier by turning processes into helpful guides and ensuring that compliance reporting became a byproduct of simply following the processes.

This new way forward required new software. A platform that would work without the need to change any systems and was so user-friendly that anybody could work with making processes easier to Understand, Execute and Improve.

About Us

In 2011 Søren founded Gluu and the team has spent nine years working with more than 500 managers and process owners to find the sweet spot between speed and control, when it comes to common ways of working and compliance work. Today Gluu’s 3.0 platform helps more than one hundred businesses and thousands of users in almost 60 countries to collaborate around business processes. The journey continues and every day we take one more step towards realizing the founding vision.

Selected team members

Meet some of the people that work hard every day to
help our customers succeed with their process work.

Søren Pommer the CEO of Gluu

chief executive officer

Søren Pommer

Søren focuses on clearing obstacles for Gluu’s team and customers while improving our platform and scalability. Before starting Gluu, Søren served in management positions in Philips, CSC, Vertic and other companies. He has worked with digitalization since 1996 and holds a M.Sc. in Business Admin (Management of Technology) from Copenhagen Business School.

Pavel Gribov the Backend Developer

Backend Developer

Pavel Gribov

Pavel works hard on delivering the right data fast and securely to the Gluu frontend through our web API.

Gabriela Delgado the UX Designer

UX Designer

Gabriela Delgado

Gabi translates the Microsoft Fluent Design system into a great user experience that is aligned with the tools that most people already know.

Tor Christensen the VP Customer Success

VP Customer Success

Tor Christensen

Tor works tirelessly to help our customers and partners to succeed with establishing digital ways of working using Gluu. Before joining Gluu, Tor worked in management positions in Telenor, IIH Nordic and has process and compliance expertise from both Lundbeck and Novo Nordisk. He holds a M.Sc. in Business Admin (Law) from Copenhagen Business School.

Georgiy Zhuravlev the Frontend Lead

Frontend lead

Georgiy Zhuravlev

Georgiy is focused on delivering a fast and efficient user experience that work across all modern device platforms.

Katarina Tökölyova the Knowledge Producer

Knowledge Producer

Katarina Tökölyova

Katarina produces content that helps our customers and community to succeed with their process journeys.

Our valued certified partners

Experienced management consultants use Gluu as a way to help their clients digitalize and operationalize their new ways of working.

Hildebrandt & Brandi logo


Hildebrandt & Brandi

Helps top management to deliver results by engaging people.

aarhus – copenhagen

Refine consulting logo


Refine Consulting

Helps Danish construction companies to new ways of working.


Implement Consulting Group logo


Implement Consulting Group

Helps organizations to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement.

COPENHAGEN – aarhus – stockholm – malmö – oslo – zürich – munich

Bülow Management logo


Bülow Management

Helps construction companies to more efficient operations through management, processes, analysis and culture.


Living Lean logo



Ensures better collaboration and process optimization in Danish construction projects.


Process facilitators

Meet some of the consultants that are trained
in helping clients to Gluu their work.

Sofie Nørdby Ulriksen


Sofie Nørby Ulriksen

Sofie has a vast knowledge of process excellence from large Danish companies such as Mærsk, TDC and Falck Healthcare. With 15 years of experience she has a keen eye for process documentation and process optimization within both business processes and IT landscape.

Mads Kroløkke


Mads Kroløkke

Mads is a trained production engineer and works as a development consultant for Tange & Partners. His core competencies lie in optimizing, streamlining and seeing new ways of performing tasks. He is also certified in The Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM).

Juan Talamayan


Juan Talamayan

Juan is a specialist in Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management (Discovery, Improvement, Automation and Governance)

Carsten Lund


Carsten Lund

Carsten is a Lean Six Sigma black belt with more than 15 years of experience in process oriented quality management and process optimizations.

Thomas Riisager


Thomas Riisager

Thomas has a background as a production engineer and 18 years of experience with lean, process architecture and process excellence.

Thomas Wegener


Thomas Wegener

For over 15 years, Thomas has been advising and supporting international clients in complex IT projects in the infrastructure, application and business process management environment.

Jørgen Petersen


Jørgen Petersen

Jørgen has a background as an engineer and more than 20 years of experience with lean, process architecture and process excellence.