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Show the right task to the right person at the right time

Recurring tasks ensure that activities are done by the right role in time. Gluu lets you know if something is not done.

Say goodbye to micro-management

Add the tasks that make the difference to each activity in each process. Set their recurrence and the required time and completion date. Gluu will then tell you if something has NOT been completed by the expected time. This way you can monitor compliance without having to micro-manage your staff.

Gluu task report

Know if a task is not done

Gluu can automatically alert the process owner and editors if a task was NOT done in time. This makes compliance monitoring easy.



Tasks are automatically logged

Every task is logged with a person, time, place and comment. This leaves a full trail of what happened – or did not happen.


Print task reports

Search by time period or keyword to print a report with a single click.



Add tasks to your calendar

Add to G Suite or download as an iCal file for other calendars. Make sure infrequent tasks are not missed.

Other features


Traffic lights show when to hurry

Tasks turn red when there’s just 33% of the time left.


Save task settings

Quickly create new tasks based on the settings of one.


Pause tasks

Click to pause tasks without losing history.


Change time zone

Create tasks for people in other time zones.