Set recurring tasks and increase process compliance

Add the tasks that make the difference to each activity in each process. Set their recurrence and time to finish. Gluu will then tell you if something is NOT done. This way you can monitor compliance without having to micro-manage your staff.

Add tasks to any activity

Add any number of tasks below a work instruction. This way you can validate when it’s done.

Get notified when it's NOT done

The owner of the process gets an email if tasks are not done.

Search full history

Quickly find the tasks that often get forgotten so you can improve.

Set recurrence and time

A task every weekday? Just set it to automatically appear at the right time.

Add recurring tasks to any activity in any process

Just go to the activity that you want done, then add the tasks that will validate when it is done.

Task will show automatically at the right time

Tasks show only when they’re relevant – and only to the right role. So if a writer needs to start a newsletter every Monday before 12 and can only start at 8, then the task can show on the list between 8-12. See how

Find out which tasks that are forgotten

Gluu sends you an email if a task isn’t done in time.

The built-in task log lets you search to find out if its a single error or if the task is forgotten often. This helps you to identify risks, non-compliance and sources of error.

Our customers enjoy...

Fewer errors

Checklists with recurring tasks help reduce failure by making it easier to remember what’s important.

Lower risk

Automatic process monitoring helps ensure that problems can be resolved early. For instance, an IT specialist will know if a colleague hasn’t completed important maintenance work so he can step in.

Better reporting

It’s easy to document that a process has been done. Show exactly when a task was done and who did it.

Data for root cause analysis

The searchable task log helps to find the tasks that are not needed and the tasks that are forgotten.

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