Web Forms


Make your paper forms digital

Create forms and send them out with recurring tasks.


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Say goodbye to your paper forms

Gluu lets you turn your paper forms into smart, digital forms. Use the form builder to create forms that can be reused across your business processes.


Anyone can build forms

Drag-and-drop form fields to create your form. Then preview and publish. Simple as that. Make processes digital without new systems and integrations.

Gluu Formbuilder in Danish


Add forms to any recurring task

Process editors can add forms to recurring tasks. This makes it easy to fill in forms when tasks are done. Gluu eliminates all manual handling of forms.


Let remote workers complete registrations

Let your colleagues fill in the forms via phone, tablet or PC. This way people can capture data right on the factory floor, in the car or anywhere. Get accurate data directly from the source.

Other features


Conditional fields

Show any field based on values selected in another field. Make forms shorter and smarter!


Duplicate fields and forms

Create multiple versions quickly.


Publish and draft mode

Turn on your form when you want to make it available for use by other users.


8 different field types

Checklists, dropdowns, process links, dates and more.