Turn your business processes into a common language

What if new people tomorrow could do what only few can do today? Gluu helps experienced people to share knowledge with less experienced. Just answer a question once. Then let new people search and find all informal and formal information that has been collected about how an activity is done.

Share ideas in the context of work

Social comments

Make it easy to comment on each activity.

Label for follow-up

Add labels for easy follow-up.

Filter and search

All is searchable and can be filtered and exported.

Ask a question to an activity

Handle exceptions by allowing people to ask and answer questions in the context of the right activity (in the right process).

work together with gluu

Let the right person answer

The people that work with the process are informed automatically. They can answer immediately via any device.

Keep the answer as a reference

All questions, ideas and answers are stored for future reference and easy search.

see how people contribute with gluu

Our customers enjoy...

Answering questions only once

Not having to answer the same questions multiple times via email saves time.

Finding the hidden experts

Informal experts show up through their answers to questions.

Getting everyone involved

People join in when others are active.

Making unwritten rules clear

Business policies, practices and rules are stored and made searchable automatically.

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