Capture input as work is done

Get ideas, questions and issues in the right context.

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What if new people tomorrow could do what only few can do today?

Gluu helps experienced people to share knowledge with the less experienced. Just answer a question once. Then let new people search and find all informal and formal information that has been collected about how an activity is done.

Communication on work instructions in a process documentation software - Gluu

Share ideas and issues in the right context

All the features you need to collect ideas, issues and questions around every activity in every process.

Comments and replies on the Gluu platform

Create common labels to comments

Let your team mark comments for follow-up later. This makes it easy to sort through the noise and capture what matters.


Let the person who knows answer

Gluu automatically notifies those that know about new comments and questions. This lets makes it easy for process designers to answer questions from front-line staff. All answers are searchable so with Gluu you only need to answer once!


Filter and search

All is searchable and can be filtered and exported.

Agree / disagree with comments

Ensure fast reviews without meetings.

Automatic notification email

Hourly, daily or weekly updates on the processes you work with.