Connect roles, job descriptions and the people that do the work

If your organization was a football team would everyone know what to play? Gluu makes it easy to create roles, job descriptions and connect them with the people that fill them. The result is that everyone knows their own and their co-workers’ responsibilities – as they develop.

Reuse roles across processes

Manage roles centrally for easy reuse.

Show responsibilities

Connect roles and people with one click.

Job descriptions

Use in recruitment and performance reviews.

Role based communications

Everyone is updated based on the roles they have.

Assign roles to people

Manage the roles of each team member. This way she will automatically get notified when a process she works with changes.

manage user rights with gluu

See "who does what"

Find out who can help when someone is busy or absent.

see how people contribute with gluu

Clarify how work is done

Connect each role with What, Why and How to perform an activity. Then learn from people’s feedback to the activity.

work together with gluu

Personal calendar for tasks

When you add tasks to an activity, then they automatically show in the calendar of any user that has the role. This way everyone can collaborate on getting important tasks done in time.

See the tasks that your roles are responsible for with Gluu

Our customers benefit from...

Lower stress levels

Role clarity is proven to reduce work related stress levels.

Easier for people to fill in for each other

See who else can do the job.

Lower risk when staff leaves

Everyone is constantly debriefed so no one leaves with important “how-to” knowledge.

New people up to speed faster

Feel safe in the knowledge of what the company’s way of working is.

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