Roles in processes


Connect roles, job descriptions and people

Ensure role clarity to speed up hiring and onboarding.

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Organise like a sports team

If your organisation was a sports team would everyone know their position and the game plan? Gluu makes it easy to create roles, job descriptions and connect them with the people that fill them.


Bring role clarity

Connect people to roles and let them see the activities they’re responsible for – across all your processes. Add job descriptions to ease hiring and training.

Roles and Responsibilities

Make it easy to understand “who does what”

Connect people to and keep them updated automatically as processes change. You get a single, real-time overview of process skills.

Other features

Common Role Library

Manage roles centrally for easy reuse.

Clear Job Descriptions

Use for recruitment and performance reviews.

Role-based Updates

Everyone is updated on changes to processes based on the roles they have.