Work Instruction


All you need to do the work – in one place

Add video, text, images and system links to any activity in any process. Save time and avoid errors.

Say goodbye to looking for tools, templates and procedures

With Gluu the people who know can add work guides, links, files, video and comments to each activity in a process flow. All searchable.


Edit directly in the page

Editors can add tips, tricks, how-to guides, videos, links, files and anything that helps co-workers complete the activity fast and without errors. This makes documents unnecessary.

Visual Work Instructions screenshot from our Gluu platform


Discuss and approve with no meetings

Collect suggestions. Review online. Then make and communicate changes to the just the right people. Our integrated flow saves you a lot of time.

Other features


Built-in text styling

Ensure consistent formats for references, files, risks and links across your organization.


Automatic change tracking

Automatic logging of changes and dates.



Add files and links

Let your team add their favorite tools and templates.
Then add selected ones to the formal work instruction.



Copy/paste screenshots directly into your work instructions.