Connect processes with visual work instructions

What if all you needed could be found in one place? With Gluu you can add work guides, links, files, video and comments to each activitiy in each process.

Built-in text styling

Ensure consistent formats for References, Files, Risks and Links across your organization.

Video and images

Upload images or embed video to make your work instructions visual.

Change tracking

Automatic logging of changes and dates.

Files and links

Let your team add their favorite tools and templates. Then add selected ones to the formal work instruction.

Create visual work guides

Process Owners or Editors can just click on the page to add tips, tricks, how-to guides, videos, links, files and anything that helps co-workers to follow the common way of working.

work instruction with gluu

Let the right people know when they change

No email. No long documents. Update just the right people (the role owners) automatically when you save.

see how people contribute with gluu

Answer all questions in one place

People add their questions, ideas and issues in the right context. Those who know can then reply with ease – and keep the answer for future reference. All searchable. No email. Nothing getting lost.

work together with gluu

Our customers enjoy...

Consistent documentation

Built-in formatting options ensure a common look and feel across.

Automatic change logs

Save time and reduce error rates by automatically logging of all changes.

No document maintenance

Many save up to 90% of the time when updating Gluu instead of their normal Word+Visio+PDF combination.

Helping new co-workers

They feel safe knowing what the company’s way of working is.

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