Frequently Asked Questions

Security, hosting and technology

How secure is Gluu?

Where is Gluu hosted?

Can we host Gluu on-premise?

Do you offer 2-factor authentication for extra security?

How does Gluu backup our data?

What happens if a users internet connection is lost?

Can our users use Single Sign On (SSO)?

Can Gluu scale to +1,000 processes?


How can we integrate with Gluu?

Which standard integrations are available?

Is there any way to link SalesForce with Gluu?

Can we link to SharePoint?

Certifications and standards

Can Gluu help us to support our coming ISO certification?

Does Gluu comply with ISO 27001?

User administration

What happens if a process owner leaves?

How do we let large numbers of users sign up?

Revision history and change logs

How does Gluu log our changes?

Does Gluu have an audit trail?

Can our users be notified of changes?