Find some articles mentioning Gluu over the years.

01/01/2020 – Danish digital industry community

Gluu is the company of the month

“DI Digital’s has more than 500 members, which are companies from different backgrounds. Each and every company offers something unique and interesting. The member of the month in January 2020 is Gluu, which provides online process platforms for businesses.”

01/02/2018 – DANISH MEDIA

Top European chain Fitness World ‘Gluugles’ itself to growth

“Through more than 500 processes covering everything from ordering toilet paper to Groupfinance Gluu’s online platform now binds headquarters and centres closer together. This strategic initiative has created a common way of working”

2018 – Danish PRODUCTIVITY association

How RPC Superfos themselves digitizes manual workflows

“Digitization saves a lot of time, provides faster reactions and fewer errors. And we’ve done it all ourselves – without an expensive IT project. Only using the do-it-yourself process platform Gluu.”

01/02/2016 – DANISH MEDIA

Remember the internal user experience

“From the largest multinational group to the smallest Danish web store, the word “user experience” is central.”


Top managers are forced to account

“A new version of the world’s most widely used quality management standard requires top management to take part in the handling”

16/04/2013 – association of danish digital agencies

Is marketing in control of their processes?

“The fine promises in communication backfire if words are not followed by action. Marketing must take greater ownership of the underlying processes that provide good customer experiences.”

09/12/2019 – Danish MEDIA house

Get your processes under control before the robots arrive

“If you do not have control over your processes, you risk that automated robots will create black holes in your company, and that the overview thus dissapears.”

16/10/2017 – danish media

Growth companies risk drowning

“The danger is that growth happens without roles, structures, and sales processes being in place, and it then ends up forcing management to get involved in operational tasks that employees should otherwise handle”

Danish PRODUCTIVITY association

Barrierer for LEAN i internationale virksomheder

“The future brings even more processes to be carried out across countries and companies. This increases the complexity of the individual employee and the LEAN philosophy becomes harder to get to work in practice.”

29/05/2015 – danish media

Crack the digital code

“In recent years, with all of the digital shockwaves, there have been high demands for change through all marketing departments and agencies.

05/10/2015 – danish media

Digital rebel will go to the polls at the consultancies

“With an online platform, Gluu is cutting management consultants out of the processes in the companies. This should prompt the employees to manage the processes themselves”

27/11/2013 – American pr newswire

New Platform Leverages Power of Social Media to Improve Business Processes

“With companies can channel some of their employees’ social energy into common business processes that everyone believes in and that are searchable for use by others. This provides tangible business value.”


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