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This plan includes:
  • Process Hierarchy
    Manage from 1-1.000 processes in a single place.
  • Process Drawing Tool
    Simple to use, collaborative and browser-based. Export as .jpg or .svg (Visio).
  • Reuse Processes and Activities
    Show which processes that start and end a process.
  • Manage Roles
    Assign rights to manage roles, so you avoid duplication.
  • Job Descriptions
    Build dynamic job descriptions with processes, people and responsibilities.
  • In-page Rich Editor
    Create and edit by clicking into the page. Connect to add file references to avoid duplication.
  • Video and Images
    Drag and drop to add video and images to your work instructions.
  • Automatic Change Tracking
    Changes in processes, work instructions and editors.
  • Manage Rights by Process
    Assign separate owners and editors to each process.
  • Manage Rights by Feature
    Allow separate users to manage hierarchy, roles and users.
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Add ‘Comments and Labels’ with the plan
‘Starter + Comments’ for €12 / user / month

Understand + Execute

All from ‘Starter’ plus:
  • Cases
    Run cases with series of tasks.
  • Recurring Tasks
    Add daily, weekly or monthly tasks to any activity. Set tasks to show in specific periods. Add to your calendar, or show in app.
  • Task Monitoring
    Get an email if a task is not done.
  • Task History and Reporting
    Filter by time to see full task log. Customize and print task reports.
  • Comment on Activities
    Let users comment on any activity and let process editors reply.
  • Labels
    Create common labels and allow users to flag comments for follow up.
  • Approvals
    Make decisions with a single click.
  • Close / Open comments
    Hide comments and issues that have already been resolved so they are only visible to editors.
  • Notification Emails
    Get hourly, daily or weekly digest emails with comments to any activity that you follow.
  • Add Webforms to Tasks
    Distribute and record forms with tasks.
  • Shared Form Library
    Create reusable forms using many different field types.
  • Add Webforms to Activities
    Capture structured data on specific activities.
  • Real Time Process Overview
    Worst performing processes show first. Select any process by time range and drill down to activity level.
  • Activity Level
    Filter processes by number of comments, changes and modification time.
  • Complete Tasks
    See tasks at the right time and log them as complete.
  • Take Photos and add Comments
    Add issues, ideas and questions in the work situation.
  • Show Work Instructions
    Show your text, video and images.
Office 365 Integration
G Suite integration
Invoice Billing
AD integration + SSO

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Understand + Execute + Improve

All from ‘Pro’ plus these options:
Microsoft Graph Connection
Dynamics 365 Connection
  • Migration Assistance
    Let us transfer your current documentation to Gluu.
  • Onboarding Support
    Help with implementation.
  • Onsite/Online Custom Training
    Tailored training workshops for your teams.
  • Process Success Review
    Quarterly process maturity assessments and recommendations.
  • ADFS Integration and SSO
    Custom connection to your ADFS.
  • AES Encryption
    Encrypt forms with local keys that you store.
  • Private Azure Tenant
    Run Gluu from your private tenant.
  • Azure Germany
    Run your private tenant from inside Germany.
  • 99.9% availability SLA
    Regular performance reporting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial work?

For 14 days you get free access to all Gluu’s Pro plan. You can start working immediately and evaluate if Gluu is the platform for you. We consider all trial members full customers.

What happens when the trial ends?

If you have added your credit card during the trial period, then your trial account will automatically become a regular account. If you do nothing, then we’ll delete your account and data once the trial ends.

Can we get our content, if we stop?

Yes! We don’t want to hold anyone hostage. This is why we make it easy to print each process, role and activity page. You can also export your process images and task history.

How do we cancel our account?

Simply log in, go to the ‘Billing’ section and click cancel. Your plan is then cancelled from the next billing period and your credit card isn’t charged any more.

How can we get help to implement Gluu?

The Gluu platform is ready to use as soon as you create an account. It is made for self-service. However, if you’re short on resources and want help with mapping processes and getting colleagues on board then we offer professional services. The services are normally offered through local Certified Gluu Process Facilitators. However, if there is no partner in your area then we’re offering online consulting services delivered directly by our team and partners here in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do you have volume discounts?

Yes! Our Starter and Pro plans have the following volume discounts built in: Once you reach 50 users the price for new users will automatically drop by 30% and when you reach 200 the price will drop by 50%. This means paying down to €3 / user / month.