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Make it easier to create sustainable change by involving your client’s team beyond the limits of your geographic presence and your project period. See why and how your consultancy can increase the impact of your services. is an online platform that makes it very easy to work with roles and responsibilities, business processes and work instructions. While it is receiving great reviews it is still just a tool. It needs real people to initiate the change in the organization and then to keep the momentum. Some of our customers can do this by themselves. Others are overwhelmed with their day-to-day operations. This is why we at Gluu would like to work with experienced consultants and process consulting partners.

Why use Gluu as part of my offering?

The reason is that a lot of consulting engagements end up as a few workshops and perhaps some brilliant presentations or documents. They end up on the client’s shared drive after the project ends. If this never happens to you then you may not need us after all. If some of your engagements end up like this then consider the value of a platform that allows you to engage client employees in large numbers and beyond the limits of time and geography that your projects normally face. Gluu can enable you to help your clients to increase their own capacity to change.

You know the saying:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; show him how to fish and you feed him for a life time.”

We believe that if you genuinely want to create long term value for your client, establish a real relationship and turn your client into an ambassador, then do your utmost to make yourself redundant by addressing the root cause of the client’s issue. We can help you do this with a simple method and a platform that you can use as basis for your method of choice – beyond the duration of your project.


What’s in it for me?

Gluu’s platform can help you to strengthen your offering and consulting practice in the following ways:

Be seen as an innovator

You could be seen as helping your clients to exploit the opportunities that technology has opened up in most industries.This perception will gradually wear off as Gluu penetrates the market so there is a first mover advantage here.

Keep the dialog after the project

When you help to create an internal community of practice around roles, processes and work in general, then more of the conversation about issues, ideas and challenges will move online. This is your chance to coach through dialog on an ongoing basis. You may also spot ideas for new projects with the client.

Increase your engagement scope

Have you been turned down in favor of a large consultancy?Change the game and tell the client that with Gluu’s online platform you can engage and involve employees on a daily basis. This is far more effective (and less costly) than a group of “outsiders” flying around for workshops. This way you can extend your reach both in terms of numbers of employees and geography.

Find long distance clients

Take a step further and get new business outside of your own geography. We will help the best Gluu facilitators with sales leads from territories where we have no Process Facilitator representation.Service your clients via online meetings and – and save on travel time.

Read our partner case study about how Gwen used Gluu to help four financial companies in Zimbabwe.

Frequently Asked Questions

We keep it very simple by giving you a tool that you can use with clients. There’s no fee for you – not even training fees.

What is your ideal partner profile?

# Highly experienced A lot of real facilitation experience – at least 8 years.
Independent or individual consultant Work on their own or with a small group of partners.
# Works with small- or medium sized companies Mostly works for clients that have between 30 and 1.000 employees.
# Specializes in business improvement, change or strategy execution Is skilled within one of more of these disciplines: Change Management, Process Improvement, Action Learning, TWI, Strategy Execution, Roles & Responsibilities, Lean and/or quality management.

What support do you give partners?

You engage with clients the way you’re used to. You charge what you normally do. We support you in any way possible when it’s time to introduce the Gluu platform. Resources include:
# Packaged product demos (such as the one above)
# Case studies
# Sales slides to include in your presentations
# Online training & learning
# An online presence on our partner list that is organized by country/state
# Sales leads
# Expert hotline.

What about sales commissions?

We don’t offer any. Why is this? Because you’re a consultant, not a software reseller. We don’t want to compromise your authority as an independent, trusted advisor. With this program you can openly say that you’re not getting paid by us. Besides, our platform is delivered as a service with prices are so low that sales commissions mostly would correspond to a few hours worth of consulting fees. So we reason that it’s better to increase the effect of your core offering and for your client to request more hours from you. And you get the full consultancy fees, of course (unless you invite our team members to be part of your team in specific engagements).

Which partner levels do you have?

We have three partner levels that are based on your results and your client satisfaction levels:
1. Process Facilitator is the entry level and awarded to consultants who match the profile above and have received a basic online training.
2. Qualified Process Facilitator is awarded once you have successfully completed your first client project (when Gluu is being used by the client).
3. Certified Partner is awarded to consultants who have completed more than five client projects with an average Net Promotor Score above 50.

Do you have partners in my area?

We currently have official partners in Denmark and Australia only.

Does it require technical skills?

Using Gluu with clients requires no technical skills on your side whatsoever.It’s all built in and super easy to manage. Should your clients require customer integrations down the road, then we can can handle that.

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