4 videos for process mappers

Process mapping

4 videos for process mappers

Process map example with a decision.

By on 22/08/2017

This article is a brief summary of what to expect for our process mapping playlist on YouTube. You’ll learn why it is that process maps are an invaluable tool for your business. How to produce process maps for your own businesses, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Introduction to Process Maps

A basic introduction and overview of process maps – What they are and why they’re useful. This is a great video to get started with process maps. Luciano Romano gives a straightforward simple synopsis with no nonsense.

The benefits of mapping a process

Another really informative piece which gets straight to the point. Penny Wilson focuses on exactly why process mapping will prove to be invaluable to your business. Displaying why it’s a risk not to implement a process map.

How to draw a Simple Process Map

Søren Pommer demonstrates how to draw a simple process map, and why keeping it simple can be very beneficial to your business. Søren teaches what the best mindset is to approach a process map for the best results. You’ll learn step by step how to approach process mapping from selecting roles, producing a process canvas and recording activities.

The Pitfalls Of Process Mapping And How To Avoid Them

An excellent presentation by ‘The Process Consultant’, Ian James. Ian identifies many of the oversights people make when producing their process map, as well as giving insight into how to avoid those mistakes. All in a brief coherent video, we highly recommend it.

Hopefully, this process mapping playlist has helped you to not only understand process mapping. But also, to give you the confidence to produce one for your business. If you’d like a more comprehensive written check out our simple process mapping guide. Or if you’re looking how else to improve your business processes with video content I’d recommend our process improvement playlist.

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