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Gluu makes it easier to ensure that tasks get done on time

Prepare sandwiches in time for lunch? Done. Ask if each table need more drinks? Done. Do your food control? Done.

Recurring tasks

Add any daily, weekly, monthly or annual task. It will then show the the right person at the right time!

One-Click for busy people

Staff say “it’s done” with a single touch or click.

Automatic logging

User, location and time are recorded for easy follow-up.

Visual work guides

Add images, video, links and text directly in the page so the right person knows what to do.

Built-in food control

HAACP compliant food control process let’s you report to inspectors with ease.

15-minutes setup

Modify one of our templates and start now.

1. Add your current opening and closing checklists

Just add daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Once they’re save they will show every time, to the right person at the right time.

2. Add a staff account - or one per individual

Add a location, work station or individual user and connect it with the relevant role. This way each user sees only tasks that are assigned to him or her.

3. Let staff report tasks as "done"

Now each location checks off tasks as they are done – via pc, tablet or mobile. It’s just one click and then all is logged. This means learning by doing and reinforces the behavior that works.

4. Make follow-up easy

Just follow up on tasks that are not done. Filter by days for easy reporting to food inspectors or senior management. This makes follow-up easier.

"The Gluu app saves us a lot of time and helps us to avoid errors."
Rodrigue Gouhede Café owner, Aarhus
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