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Lean Management: How to delegate effectively

Effective delegation is a much overlooked leadership skill. If you can’t delegate then you can’t scale your time. Instead you will gradually become tied up in operations and not be able to develop the business. This post is about how to delegate effectively.

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Does Yammer Increase Productivity?

The enterprise social networking tool Yammer is now used by more than 5 Million employees in 200,000 companies. Hundreds of millions of online conversations have taken place inside these companies. The question is if these conversations increase productivity?

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Five Barriers to Lean Management

The only lasting competitive advantage is the ability to learn and innovate. Lean thinking within services has the potential to engage knowledge workers in process improvement on a continuous basis. In this way, the adaptation to new market demands could be gradual and a result of organisational learning.

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Case studies

Lean Management in Sales at Multinational

When customers start demanding solutions and services rather than mass produced products, then this requires new organizational competencies and processes . See how a Process Community™ can support the implementation of new processes in a manufacturing company.

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Lean management is about the details that matter

There is a saying that “the devil is in the detail.” It is indeed the detail that often makes the difference. It’s the detail that is the hard part. Success comes from attention to all the little details that make move things forward.