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Why collaborative process mapping is the way forward

Speak before you think? The old saying “think before you speak” holds value, especially in those situations when speaking might result in something directly unpleasant happening, say for example, when your partner is angry at you for forgetting your anniversary, … Read More

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Why your project is really a process (and why you should care)

I have talked with a lot of experienced managers who mix up projects and processes. A Project is often considered to be a structure for getting work done. Whereas a process is often seen as a necessary evil to comply with … Read More

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Why creating a process hierarchy may keep your ship afloat

Imagine for a moment a world sailing team, like Emirates Team New Zealand, winners of the 35th America’s Cup, having no idea how the various parts of the yacht are designed or manufactured, and no clue how the training and … Read More

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Car driving to find the 8 essential ingredients for process hierarchies

8 essential ingredients for creating process hierarchies

Process hierarchies visually demonstrate all of the ongoing tasks within your business. Think of one as being a little like an architectural blueprint for a house. Except rather than beams and rafters, a process hierarchy shows the processes that keep … Read More

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Architects blueprint how to avoid mistakes with your critical business processes.

7 reasons process hierarchies go wrong

What is a process hierarchy again? A process hierarchy visually demonstrates all of the ongoing tasks within your business. Think of one as being a little like an architectural blueprint for a house. Except rather than beams and rafters, a process … Read More

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Factory eliminates paper work

As one of the first manufacturers in Denmark, RPC Superfos in Randers now makes digitalization up close and personal for employees on the factory floor. In an ambitious effort with Gluu, RPC Superfos eliminates cumbersome paper procedures, moving checklists and … Read More

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How to select the right checklist software

It’s clear that checklists can reduce complexity and help us to avoid stupid mistakes. One of the things that keep us from using checklists more often is the time it takes to make, share and manage them. This is about how to select the right checklist software for the job. … Read More

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4 myths about checklists

Checklists help us to apply what we already know Why do we need checklists in the first place? In his book “The Checklist Manifesto” Atula Gawanda divides our failures into two categories: Ignorance. We fail because of things we don’t … Read More

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How a process owner role may help break your internal silos

The marketing function helps to bring in leads, the business developers in sales close them and then the account managers take over. When the customer is onboard then “production” give them what they paid for. Finally the service or support … Read More

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quality management systems

Seven ideas for involving top managers in quality management systems

Several experts consider the new ISO 9001: 2015 to be an(other) attempt at making quality management systems a completely integrated part of doing business and something that concerns everyone. This ambition demands that top-level management do less delegating of the … Read More

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