Go from paperwork to business improvement

By making your processes, roles and work instructions more visual and collaborative Gluu can help you to allocate time managing documentation to facilitating ongoing process improvement throughout your organization.

Work Instructions

With images, text, video, files and links.

Business Processes

Built-in swimlane diagram creator. Simple drag and drop that anyone can use.

Roles & People

Common job descriptions connected with processes and the people that fill them.

Knowledge Sharing

Turn your processes into cross-functional communities.

Most processes only exist in Visio diagrams

Gluu makes it easier to turn processes into reality

Gluu is built to enable Lean Thinking and Lean Startup principles. This means a lot of iterations and involvement by the people that do the work.

And keeping processes alive

Just one click by a Process Editor to edit the process, inform the right people and log the change.

You don't even need to call IT

There’s no IT implementation. No setup. No need to change your current systems. Instead, your colleagues can link to relevant system screens (ERP, CRM, etc.) by themselves. This saves time and ensures that people access your current systems with knowledge of what to do.

Our customers enjoy...

Consistent documentation

Built-in formatting options ensure a common look and feel across.

Automatic change logs

Save time and reduce error rates by automatically logging of all changes.

No document maintenance

Many save up to 90% of the time when updating Gluu instead of their normal Word+Visio+PDF combination.

Helping new co-workers

They feel safe knowing what the company’s way of working is.

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Support included

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