Resources to help you succeed with business processes

Whether you’re just starting or are already working with business processes, this collection of guides and tools will help you.

How to select right Business Process Management Software

How to select the best business process management software

Most classic tools are too complex for normal companies. Others merely manage tasks. This guide covers 27 requirements to use when finding the right tool for a mid-sized organisation.

Process Improvement Plan-cardpic

Your 8-step process improvement plan that builds ownership

Success rarely happens by accident. There’s a good process improvement plan behind most successes. This guide can help you to prepare your own organisation’s plan based on eight critical steps to success with business processes.

Getting started with BPM

Getting to the next level of process work

Process Improvement Tools


Useful process improvement tools

An overview some of the most used process improvement tools and how they can help.

On Boarding Process


Get your employee onboarding process right

Good onboarding lifts new hire performance by 30%. This six-step guide and checklist can help you to succeed.