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The Process Success Platform

One platform with all the tools you
need to manage and run processes
in a mid-sized business.

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Three products in one integrated platform that lets you…


Make it easy to understand what should be done, why it is needed, who is responsible and how it is done.


Make sure that tasks and registrations are done, monitored and archived at the right time.


Capture issues and ideas while working, make changes and communicate in one, integrated flow.



Say hello to a common way of working

One integrated platform for all your organisation’s processes, roles and work instructions.

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Make recurring tasks easier to execute

Gluu helps to make sure that the right people complete the right tasks at the right time.
All is logged and easy to report.

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Involve your team and improve

Discuss activities and work instructions. Raise issues, questions and ideas. Label comments for easy follow-up.

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Used for business improvement initiatives


Continuous Improvement and Lean

Built-in 6-step method based on Lean Thinking.

Compliance & Auditing

Log all changes and completed tasks for easy reporting to auditors.

Risk Management

Highlight risks with each activity and help “risk based thinking”.


Management Systems

Meet all ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, 18001, 22000 and 27000 requirements with less paperwork.

Knowledge Sharing

Let people share ideas and issues in the context of the processes they work with.


Make it easier to prepare for certification and auditing.


Systems Implementation

Involve people in mapping processes before implementing business systems.

Activity Based Costing

Prepare for ABC analysis by understanding what people do.


A complete personal data regulation control system.

Selected by COOs, CFOs and Quality Managers that want to succeed with their business processes.


Time Log



Our process setup has gone from being a paper tiger to something that's alive. See interview

Claus Schmidt-Laugesen CEO at Ennova

We've transferred our process documentation from SharePoint, Word and Visio to Gluu. Gluu is much simpler to use, more visual and simpler to maintain. Everyone is involved. I can highly recommend this process platform - also to smaller companies such as TimeLog."

Sascha Skydsgaard
COO, TimeLog A/S

Gluu is very easy to use. Managers in all functions are mapping processes with their teams. People are excited about this collaborative approach. A good platform that has good support."
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Marianne Mølgaard Process & Optimization Specialist