Keep work organized across
functions, roles and systems

Avoid having to manage and run every business process in a separate system.
Simplify your operations with one app for all your quality, learning, compliance and process needs.

Micro-managing regular work drains your mental energy and wastes everyone’s time.

Let us help your team to get organized and ready for growth. Gluu has helped hundreds of teams like yours with turning confusion and scattered instructions into smoothly running business processes. 

Let us help to get organized and solve problems only once

Businesses from many industries are run better with Gluu

This tool and method has proven results from many functions and industries.

4.5 Stars Rating on G2 Crowd

4.5 Stars Rating on Capterra

Your plan for success

People take the path of least resistance

“People take the path of least resistance”

Your plan for success

Make it easier to work the right way, than the wrong way

People take the path of least resistance. Gluu helps you to ensure that your best practice is that path. We place the person with the task at the center and turn your standard workflow into a simple, visual guide. 

employee working


What should be done?
By whom? How? When?

boss working


Is it done? What happened?
How do we improve?

One app for all the medium-sized company’s
quality, learning, compliance and process needs

If one process is hard to manage, then what about, 10, 100 or 1,000?
And how do you keep it all updated as you learn? This is where you need a tool with a 360° view:

One platform for all parts of your problem
Gluu keeps work organized across people and systems

Gluu makes your process flows visible to everyone and shows when to use your current systems and tools

Your CRM system doesn’t say how you sell. Your ERP system doesn’t say how new customers are created. Gluu makes flows visible across your functions, roles and all the systems that they use.

Your plan is to start mapping and understanding how you work, making it accessible to your teams (from wherever they work) so they start doing it and then learn from every new problem. 

Let’s start! 


Is it onboarding new customers? Inspecting deliveries? Or selling in a consistent way?
 It doesn’t matter. Any recurring work will do. We can start with your most pressing issue.
Let’s help you understand how to solve it now!
We can start in three ways:


Start a 14-day Gluu trial and use our interactive guide to start with the process that is causing most trouble.                                           

Run a trial with an expert

Together we run a 2-12 week online project where we train your core team in our tool and method. Get a free initial consultation.

Bring your own consultant

We certify experienced management consultants in using Gluu. Let us train your preferred vendor to help you.

Claus Schmidt the Managing Director, Ennova A/S

Our process setup has gone from being a paper tiger to something that's alive."
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Claus Schmidt-Laugesen Managing Director, Ennova A/S

Marianne Mølgaard the Process & Optimization Specialist, Bisnode

Gluu is very easy to use. Managers in all functions are mapping processes with their teams. People are excited about this collaborative approach."
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Marianne Mølgaard Process & Optimization Specialist, Bisnode

Louise Hellmund Quality Manager, Berry Superfos

"We still have a large number of IT systems but Gluu is where work starts in most cases."
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Louise Hellmund Quality Manager, Berry Superfos

Join them and get more time to focus on developing your business.

Fewer errors and rework

Lower cost of non-quality.

Easier remote work

Get transparency of recurring work.

Time savings

90% time savings from fewer meetings, less delegation and easier follow-up

Get staff involved

From 10% to 90% involvement.

Faster onboarding

New people tomorrow can do what only few can do today.

Less stress

Role clarity is proven to reduce stress levels.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same

thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein

The sooner you act, the sooner your teams stop wasting valuable resources. It’s time to try a new approach: Book a meeting to see how we can help.

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them