Gluu helps growth companies to get everyone to pull in the same direction.

Make any process and task easier
to understand, execute and improve.

Save time, reduce errors and make your work scalable

Gluu lets you involve your team in creating processes, job descriptions and work guides. Then execute and monitor compliance automatically. Capture ideas, issues and change with ease as you learn.

Process Mapping

Create processes, activities and work guides online as a team.

Visual Work Instructions

Add video, images, files and links to processes and roles.

Job Descriptions

Connect processes, role descriptions and people.

Tasks and Checklists

One click to report “it’s done”.

Compliance Dashboard

The right person gets notified if something isn’t done.

Social Intranet

Edit and communicate to the right people with one click.

One place for it all

Connect your process with the work instructions needed to execute them. Then connect your colleagues to their roles and watch it all come together in a dynamic process hierarchy.

Where you can work together

Involve the people that know and see how processes develop as you learn and improve. A social intranet around your processes.

work together with gluu

With no paperwork

Change, communicate and log with one click. Report and export to Excel. Gluu helps you to reduce bureaucracy.

work instruction with gluu

That helps you stay on track

Add automatic tasks to any activity. Register task completion with a single click on web, Android or iOS. Gluu shows compliance in real time.

Use Gluu as a single place for your business improvement initiative

Continuous Improvement and Lean

Built-in 6-step method based on Lean Thinking.

Management Systems

Meet all ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, 18001, 22000 and 27000 requirements with less paperwork.

Compliance & Auditing

Log all changes and completed tasks for easy reporting to auditors.

Knowledge Sharing

Let people share ideas and issues in the context of the processes they work with.

Risk Management

Highlight risks with each activity and help “risk based thinking”.

ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, 18001 and 27001 Certifications

Make it easier to prepare for certification and auditing.

ERP Implementation

Involve people in mapping processes before implementing business systems.

Activity Based Costing

Prepare for ABC analysis by understanding what people do.

Used by hundreds of companies world wide

Selected by COOs, CFOs and Quality Managers that want to involve their co-workers in day-to-day process improvement.

“Our process setup has gone from being a paper tiger to something that's alive.“ See interview
Claus Schmidt-Laugesen Partner and CEO at Ennova
"We've transferred our process documentation from SharePoint, Word and Visio to Gluu. Gluu is much simpler to use, more visual and simpler to maintain. Everyone is involved. I can highly recommend this process platform - also to smaller companies such as TimeLog."
Sascha Skydsgaard Head of Marketing & Operations at TimeLog
"Gluu is very easy to use. Managers in all functions are mapping processes with their teams. People are excited about this collaborative approach. A good platform with good support." See interview
Marianne Mølgaard Christensen Process & Optimization Specialist at Bisnode
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