Standardize how your
organization works with
repeatable tasks

One consistent format your process flows, roles and work instructions. Get everyone working in accordance with your best practice.

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Understand how each activity is done

Use video, step-by-step guides and link the files and systems that are needed for the job. Save time with everything organised.

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Built in Process Mapping

Show how work flows across the company

Drag and drop shapes to map your workflow. Show which role that is responsible for what.

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Clarify who is responsible

Create and describe your roles. Then add the people that have them to bring role clarity.

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Answer questions once

Gluu makes it easy to ask questions to work instructions and let the right people answer them. All are searchable so you only need to answer one time.

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Lower risk when staff leaves

How you work is in Gluu. Not in people’s heads.

Easier to fill in for each other

See who else can do the job, when someone is away.

Consistent formatting

Ensure a standard way of documenting work.

Automatic change history

Save time by automatic logging of revisions.


Lower stress levels

Role clarity is proven to reduce work related stress levels.

Faster onboarding

Feel safe by knowing the correct way of working.

Communicate changes with ease

Inform the right people with a single comment.

Delegate process ownership

Manage who can edit each process.


Our process setup has gone from being a paper tiger to something that's alive. See interview

Claus Schmidt-Laugesen CEO at Ennova

We've transferred our process documentation from SharePoint, Word and Visio to Gluu. Gluu is much simpler to use, more visual and simpler to maintain. Everyone is involved. I can highly recommend this process platform - also to smaller companies such as TimeLog."

Sascha Skydsgaard
COO, TimeLog A/S

Gluu is very easy to use. Managers in all functions are mapping processes with their teams. People are excited about this collaborative approach. A good platform that has good support."
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Marianne Mølgaard Process & Optimization Specialist