A single overview of your process performance

See which processes that are not running well. Drill down to uncover improvement opportunities.

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See how processes are performing in real time

Your worst performing processes are listed first.
Drill down to uncover improvement opportunities.
Gluu makes it easier to do root-cause analyis.


Collect ideas and issues when working

Use the work instructions, then add issues, questions and ideas. Label comments for easy follow-up.

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Report on compliance with ease

Go from process level down to task level to analyse the tasks that are often forgotten. Automate your compliance auditing.

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Make Standard Work easier to understand. Learn more


Ensure every task is done for every employee or customer. Learn more

Management System

Manage your QHSE effort in one place. Learn more

Risk Management

Clarify and execute contingency plans.

Systems Training

Learn how to use the system and give feedback.


A complete personal data regulation control system. Learn more

Gluu is great for getting top management and process owners involved in quality management. I have 20 years experience with quality management in the food industry (ISO 22000 & ISO 9001), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001) and environmental management (ISO 14001). The challenge has always been how to engage colleagues beyond the quality function and how to ensure continuous improvement. Gluu is a great tool for making this easier. I can highly recommend it to quality managers."

Jim R. Winther Quality Manager Oscar A/S

If a mistake is made during the night, the Quality Assurance specialist needs to know about the it immediately when he or she shows up for work in the morning. Here, the traditional procedures are simply too slow. With Gluu it happens in real time, so the error is visible to everyone immediately. That way our employees, e.g. cleaning staff in the factory, only need to deal with the task and form visible on their smartphone, and they may even have a concrete video guide at hand. This decreases the risk of errors.” Read case

Casper Bendtzen QHSE Manager, RPC Superfos