Built-in process mapping for everyone

Drag and drop to create simple swimlane diagrams to clarify your work flows. It’s collaborative and very easy to use. There is no need for Visio.

process mapping with gluu

100% online

Simple, built-in swimlane tool. Let process owners maintain their own processes.

Link to processes

Show which processes that come before and after.


Export as image or Visio file with one click.

Reuse roles

Roles and activities are automatically connected to show “who does what”.

Easy to understand

Only the basic shapes that your co-workers will understand.

Consistent colors

Ensure your diagrams are colored consistently across all processes.

Process hierarchy

Dynamic process hierachy shows how processes are connected.

10+ templates included

Modify and reuse any of the critical business processes that are included.

Map processes with your team

Just click edit and start mapping in your browser. Anybody can edit from any device with a browser.

Then assign people to roles

Delegate process maintenance to the people that know most about the work.

connect people with roles with gluu

Add work instructions to each activity

Just click on the activity box to show or edit all work instructions.

work instruction with gluu

Create a dynamic process hierarchy

Add categories, groups and drag-and-drop processes to new groups as your way of working matures.

Our customers enjoy...

Consistent process maps

A common standard makes processes easier to understand.

Time savings

Many save up to 90% of the time when updating Gluu instead of their normal Word+Visio+PDF combination.

Supporting Process Owners

Cross-functional processes turn into communities.

Automatic change logs

Save time and reduce error rates by automatically logging of all changes.

Local process maintenance

Process owners and editors can be located anywhere.

License savings

A Visio license can be $800. This means high cost if many people should maintain processes.

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Pay via credit card

We send you an email before each monthly charge via Visa or MasterCard. Annual contracts can be paid via invoice.

Backed up daily

And delivered from Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Support included

Get personal support from inside the app.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Get a full refund if you’re not happy.

Free process transfer

We’ll transfer your processes from your current format to Gluu if you sign up for an annual plan before Feb 1, 2017.